“Iskry w Popiele” is the first part of  so called Silesian triptych inspired by and dedicated to the Silesian Uprisings. Music-wise “Iskry w Popiele” album alludes to the very tradition of symphonic rock. Józef Skrzek of SBB band and an actor Marian Dziedziel are special guests who also have contributed to the album.



„Iskry w Popiele” is a attempt to tell a turbulent history of Silesia with a help of the sound of a guitar.  Wojciech Ciuraj had invited a few renown Silesian artists such as Józef Skrzek of SBB or a very popular actor Marian Dziedziel who provided his voice to narrate certain lyrics on it. “Iskry w Popiele” is the first part of a triptych created to commemorate a centenary of three  Silesian Uprisings and had its premiere on the 100th anniversary of the first Uprising. It includes ten tracks that relate to what happened in 1919 during this turbulent event.  “Iskry w Popiele” album is abundant in symphonic rock elements as well as Silesian blues rock tunes.

1. One Hundred Years Is Not Enough To Forget

2.Sparks In The Ashes

3.Silesia Is Awakening

4. August Strike 1919

5. The Heat Of Sparks

6. Signal Is Just Around The Corner

7. Off We Go!

8. It’s The End Insurgents!

9. Time Of Bruises, Time Of Scars

10. It’s Not The End, It’s The Beginning


Wojciech Ciuraj –  guitar, vocal
Józef Skrzek – minimoog (2, 3, 5)
Marian Dziędziel – narration
Jan Mitoraj – solo guitar/acoustic guitar
Paweł Kukla – keyboards
Piotr Rachwał – violin
Elżbieta Szczyrba – viola

Release date: 17 August 2019, Emet Records 003

Foreign shipment – contact us on: emetrecords.music@gmail.com


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