“Dwa Żywioły” is the second part of  so called Silesian trilogy inspired by and dedicated to the Silesian Uprisings. It is Wojciech Ciuraj’s most electric album that falls outside any musical definitions. The album consists of 5  tracks of a significant length including multi-layered 25 min.  suite titled “ Four Rivers Suite”. Abradab of Kaliber 44 hip hop band and a jazz trumpet player Piotr Schmidt are special guests who have contributed to the record.



„Dwa Żywioły” is the second part of Silesian trilogy that Wojciech Ciuraj has decided to record to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Silesian Uprisings. The album  differs widely from its predecessor “Iskry w Popiele”. „Dwa Żywiały” provides listeners with a bold musical experiments that entwine various genres such as hip hop, jazz, blues rock, film music and progressive rock. On his second solo record Wojciech Ciuraj mixes a large number of musical styles only to tell the history of his region in the most accessible and intelligible way. He also invited some special guests including a renown Polish jazz trumpeter Piotr Schmidt and a legendary hip hop singer Abradab of Kaliber 44. „Dwa Żywioły consists of 5 tracks that may impress a listener because of their significant length, not to mention  multi-layered 25 min. suite titled “Four Rivers Suite”.

1. In a Rough Two-Beat Dance

2. Two Elements

3. I`m From Here

4. Andrzej Mielęcki

5. Four Rivers Suite

1) Flow the River, flow!

2) The Brynica River – on both sides of the water ribbon

3) Where the Kłodnica flows…

4) The Oder, look at your children!



Wojciech Ciuraj – guitar, mandolin, vocal

Abradab –  vocal

Piotr Schmidt –  trumpet

Daniel Arendarski – guitar

Dawid Makosz – keyboards

Jacek Szuła – harmonica

Valyen Songbird – vocalisations

Klaudia Wachtarczyk    bass guitar

Dawid Klimuszko – drums


Release date: 19 August 2020, Emet Records 004

Foreign shipment – contact us on: emetrecords.music@gmail.com


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