Wojciech Ciuraj’s inspired by Romantic-era poetry debut „Ballady bez Romansów” album is a record where Ciuraj strikes a balance between more ambitious musical solutions as well as catchy tunes.



In 2017, after three successful albums recorded with WALFAD, Wojciech Ciuraj decided to record his first solo album. “Ballady bez Romansow” is inspired by  a collection of poems titled „Ballads and Romances” (Polish: Ballady i romanse) written by a Polish Romantic-era poet Adam Mickiewicz. „Ballady bez Romansow” is a piece of music that falls outside any definitions. It’s abundant in catchy and mysterious tunes as well as constant changes of the mood so typical of Ciuraj’s approach to creating  music. On his debut,  Wojciech Ciuraj on  the one hand pays tribute to progressive rock classics, on the other hand  shows himself as a composer who is into writing more catchy tunes. „ Ballady bez Romansów” is probably the most  accessible record in his career so far. Its fable-like and poetic character may attract both listeners who tend to enjoy easy on the ear tunes and those  who have more demanding taste in music.

1. Mind Your Legs


3.Ballads Without Romances

4. Miracles of Invisibility


1) First Steps

2)Out Of Range Of Eyesight

3) The Fragrance Of Flowers Is The Scent Of Their Death

6. Truncated

7. The Anger

8. Better Colours


Wojciech Ciuraj –  vocal, guitar, mandolin

Daniel Arendarski – solo guitar (3,5)

Paweł Kukla – keyboards

Piotr Rachwał – violin

Zofia Neugebauer – flute

Klaudia Wachtarczyk – bass guitar

Dawid Klimuszko – drums

Release date: 10 November 2017, Emet Records 001

Foreign shipment – contact us on: emetrecords.music@gmail.com


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